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How much is your monthly rental rate?

Our prices differ depending on our Partner Property’s features and amenities.

How much is the reservation fee?

The reservation fee is usually 1 month deposit, 1 month advance. Your deposit is consumable on the first month of your stay.

Where do I pay my reservation fee?

You can pay via bank deposit to:


Banco De Oro

0067 5030 7549

You can also pay via fund transfer at:

GCash: 0908 124 4635

What are the terms of payment?

Our Partner Properties have flexible payment terms. Your contract terms are also flexible depending on the length of your stay and the number of pax.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay with cash or via bank deposit directly to the property. You can send us a screenshot of your deposit slip or receipt through the following

1. Via email:

2. Chat us at our Rentalbee facebook page

3. Message us at viber: 0908 124 4635

What is the schedule of payment for rent?

The due date of your rent depends on the Partner Property, and is usually either on the 5th or 20th of the month.

How much is the average electricity fee per month for utilities?

The cost per month depends on your usage. The average consumption per month for utility bills will vary if the room is air conditioned, etc.

How It Works

Can I visit the listed properties?

Yes, you can! Just book a visit on the property’s listing on our website and wait for confirmation from the property manager.

Am I allowed to occupy the entire room?

Yes, you are. You just need to pay for the price of the whole room instead.

Do I need to find a roommate if I’m just occupying a bed?

You can rent the room with your friends, or we can help match you with someone else.

Can we add an additional bed for a Room for 4?

Unfortunately, the maximum number of roomies allowed in a room is equal to the beds provided. Additional beds are usually not allowed in our Partner Properties.

Can I rent, even if I’m a working professional?

Yes, definitely! We value diversity among our tenants, and we are always happy to welcome people who will join our community.

Is co-ed allowed for a room?

The Partner Property has to approve for co-ed in a room.

Do you offer transient rooms?

Yes, we have partners that offer a minimum of an overnight stay.

House Rules

Can I make changes to my bedroom?

You are only allowed to decorate your room with removable items. Permanent decorations and/or fixings that damage the walls are strictly prohibited.

Are visitors allowed inside the room?

Permission for visitors to enter your room will depend on the discretion of the Partner Property’s management.

What appliances am I allowed to bring with me?

Most of our Partner Properties allow appliances that don’t pose a fire hazard, like an electric fan.

Is cooking allowed?

We also have Partner Properties that allow pets with you.

Can I terminate my contract before it’s supposed to end?

You are allowed to pre-terminate your lease, and your security deposit and one month rent will be forfeited.

Do you need help, roomie?

You can find our frequently asked questions here, from rent rates, terms, etc.

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