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Starting a new home is never easy. Finding one that suits all your needs and wants it one of the most challenging tasks to having a space you can call home. This was the obstacle that brothers Ryan and Patrick Llamoso faced as they faced the difficulty of finding their own space where then can study and work.

This was how Rentalbee was born.

They wanted to solve these challenges by creating a platform where quality properties will be easily available for those who need new homes. The platform now provides everyone access to perfect, long-term accommodations.

What was the simple act of finding an apartment created an avenue for innovating the entire accommodations industry. The duo has grown to an entire team that continues to grow tech-enabled and community-driven coliving spaces that you will love to call your home.


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How do you #StayWhereYouBelong Book your home with us.

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We are the future of coliving in the Philippines. We connect renters straight to landlords with quality homes allowing you to book and move in anywhere, anytime. We aim to revolutionize the way we live by giving everyone the best technology to find and rent spaces online, while enjoying the joy of coliving.

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